Possible Causes, Research Studies
Incidents of Clefts Among Various Races
Statistics: Increase in Birth Defects 1979-1987
Genentic Syndromes and Clefting...... NIDCR Table
Three C's of Etiology - Cause, Contribute, Correlate
What Happened? - Genetics
Genetic Counseling
Understanding Genetics New Horizons in Understanding and Prevention
DNA, RNA, Genes, Chromosomes - Basic Explanation
Vitamin A - Too much causes clefting in humans
Vitamin A Alert - Reprint of March,1996 Readers Digest Article
Vitamin A/Accutane "Looking for the Causes"
Sources of Vitamin A - Suggestions on Pregnancy
Folic Acid - Too little causes clefting in humans
Increase FOLIC ACID when Pregnant!

Neural Tube Defects, like spina bifida, have long been associated with low folic acid. The Institute of Medicine released its recommendations in spring of 1998 (based on neural tube defect research) on the amount of folic acid to take as follows:

General Public trying to get pregnant -- 0.4 mg
If you had a child with defect -- 4.0 mg
General Public, Later in pregnancy -- 0.6 mg

How Much Folic Acid Preconceptually (800mcg)

If you have epilepsy, please check with your physician. Many of the anti-seizure drugs are anti-folates (decrease folic acid) Some studies indicate you should take 1 mg per day.

  Herbs in Pregnancy -  http://www.aromamedical.com/articles/herbspreg.html

A couple of months ago I wrote an article on this issue.  I did this
because there is so much dangerous garbage on newsgroups and web sites
coming from none qualified people.  It just occurred to me that your
organization might be interested in either linking to my article or even
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Martin Watt


Pre-Natal CVS testing - If done before the 9th week has been known to cause birth defects including clefts.

Prenatal CVS Testing Cause of Clefting

Some people have a gene when exposed to cigarette smoke will create a cleft. Cigarette smoking also affects folic acid levels.
Smoking and Oral Clefts
DRUGS: Some do cause clefting, try to avoid taking anything during first trimester.
General Articles on Drugs and their effects
Safety and Toxicity of Antimicrobials During Pregnancy
Drugs May Cause Nutrient Depletion
Clomid (Pharmaceutical Studies)
Is Clomid involved in Clefting?
Cough Medicine
Dextromethorphan (Cough Medicine) Linked To Birth Defects
Warning: Herbs and Pregnancy/Breastfeeding
Causes: Proventil (Asthma Inhaler)


Pesticides, Herbicides & Insecticides
Pesticides, Herbicides & Insecticides (list)
Gulf War
Possible Link To Gulf War: Alarming Increase Among Kids of Gulf War Vets, Personal Story
Fetal Cleft Palate Repair - the Possibilities for Future Repair in the Womb
Erroneous Study Regarding Environmental Factors
Broken Gene Circuit May Cause Cleft Palate