Everyday Life

On Self-Esteem:

Cleft Talk In The Home How the Parents' Reaction to the Cleft will Affect the Child Throughout Life by Dr. John Canady

Talk To Me -- Talk to Your Kids
10 Ways to Enhance Your Childs Self-Image
Children's Book: The Loveables in the Kingdom Of Self-Esteem
The Power Of Positive Expectations
When Should I Start Talking to my Children about their Cleft?
Explaining the Cleft to Young Children
Development of the Cleft-Affected Self
Your Child's Need to Know
Preparing Child for Surgery
Beholding Beauty
Traumatic Reactions: Recognizing Signs in Kids
When They Notice that They Are Different
The Tools We Give Our Children
I AM SOMEBODY!! How Will Clefting Affect Your Child's Life???
  A Parent's Role
On Pre-School/Day Care:
Special Considerations of Day Care for Cleft Affected Children
Answering The Question Of Day Care - Various Parent's Thoughts
Partners In Day Care - Pamphlet Wide Smiles Offers to be Given to your Child's Day Care Provider
Presenting Cleft Issues to Pre-Schoolers
Improving Pre-School Fine Motor Skills
On School & Teasing:
Our Kindergarten Experience Handling the Cry "The Kids Don't Like Me/Have No Friends"
Example on How to Explain to Other Kids Why Cleft Affected Kids Sound Different
Educating the Educators Sensitizing Teachers to Your Kids' Needs
Face To Face With The Moment Of Truth Mom Joanne helps 4 yr old Joey when kid points out his lip is different
Ultimate Protection A Poem on Parents Desire to Protect Their Children
What It's Like To Be Different A Fifth Grader's Winning Essay
Listing of Books on Teasing
Teasing - TV Interview with a Family Psychologist
Resilience: Turn Crisis into Opportunity
Handling Teasing in the Higher Grades
People Who Tease Other People
The concept of ZERO TOLERANCE
Suggestion When Child Has Difficulties Learning
Teasing and Reality
When Kids are Cruel
Meet Cleftie, The Cleft-Affected Dog
Books for Children/Teens:
Children's Book: Anthony Visits His Cleft Palate Team
Children's Book: Before The Lark
Children's Book: On The Day You Were Born
Children's Book: I Wish I Were A Butterfly
Children's Book: Koko Bear's Big Earache
Children's Book: Rosie, the Imperfect Angel
Children's Book: The Loveables in the Kingdom of Self Esteem
Listing of Books on Teasing
Children's Video: Slim Goodbody's The Before Tour
Suggestion When Child Has Difficulties Learning
On Teenagers:
The Teen Years - Sometimes Problems Pop Up
Teens Talk About Their Life
On Makeup:
Face Value: Makeup Application & Appearance Enhancement Tips by Bernice Brooks Bergen
Chapped, cracked peeling lips - Try Bag Balm
Summer Time Tips
Be an Advocate:
Advocacy and Disability Web Sites: Good Starting Points
Tips for a Letter-Writing Campaign
Writing to Congress - How to Make an Impact
HR1114: 'Birth Defects Prevention Act of 1997'
Members of House of Representatives by State
Representatives Washington DC phone #
Americans With Disabilities Act Protects Kids Too
A Brave Face - Article in USA Weekend
Friends of Wide Smiles
Wide Smiles Writers Guidelines
Friends of Wide Smiles
Happy Birthday, Jacob -- The Birth of Wide Smiles
Sometimes it Takes a World
To My Son's First Teacher
On Getting Rid of Headaches, Stress & Other Concerns:
Getting Rid of Headaches
Reducing Stress in our Lives
Symposium Workshop - Relaxation and Healing
Stress Balls - Pre-Surgery Project
The Body's Response to Stress
How to Stay Calm and De-Stress
Alternative Treatment and Cleft Care
Acute Bronchitis - Natural Approaches
Cigarette Smoke Around Children with Cleft

People's Stories
Anthony's Story - Soft palate cleft
Marguerite's Bouquet
At Seventeen by Marti
"When I..." by Don
Not a Cleft, a Child by Ellen
Connecting with Others
  Looking Back - CA Adults Viewpoint
Jacob's Report on Clefting
Lots of Articles relating to Adoption