Feeding Issues
On Feeding Your Newborn Baby:
Newborn Feeding Info/Bottle Feeding Tips
Special Considerations of the Bottlefed Cleft Baby
Feeding My Child - One Family's Experience
UGH! Baby Has Colic!
Feeding and Pierre Robin
Nutrition Supplement in the US: WIC
PRS and Feeding Tubes
OOBEE Pacifier Keeper A unique pacifier made for cleft babies
Increasing Calories for Babies
Reflux Websites
  Pigeon Bottle
  Feeding Your Baby from Birth to Age 1
Clefts and Nursing: The BASIC Facts
Breastfeeding the Cleft Affected Newborn
Successful Breastfeeding w/ Cleft Lip Only -- One Mom's Experience
Supplementing the Breastfed Baby
Video: Breastfeeding Techniques That Work
Increasing Milk Supply When Pumping
Herbs -n- Breast Milk
Hands-free Breastmilk Pumping
The Issue of Breastfeeding and Mechanics
Breastmilk Storage Guidelines
Medication and Breastmilk
Breast Pumping Advice
Goodbye to my Faithful Friend (Ode to the breast pump)
Warning: Herbs and Pregnancy/Breastfeeding
Breastpumping FAQ
Other Feeding Options:
Haberman Feeder for Babies With Cleft
How to Order a Haberman Feeder
More on the Haberman Feeder
Adding Cereal to Breastmilk/Haberman
How to Order Mead Johnson Bottles
How to Order Ross Nipples
  How to Order the Pigeon Bottle
Feeding Newborn Baby With a Dixie Cup
Feeding Tubes
G-Tubes: Online Information
Pediasure/Carnation Instant Breakfast Coupons
Click here to see pictures of a Mead Johnson Bottle, Ross Nipple and more.
On Feeding After Surgery:
DRINK UP! Post Surgical Dietary Restrictions Suggestions on Feeding after Surgery
Liquid Diet Recipes for After Surgery
Help for the After Care Feeding Frenzy
Sample Feeding Instructions After Palate Repair
Weaning to a Cup for Surgery
For The Love of Bread Humorous Account of One Boy's Attempts to Eat After Palate Surgery

Fluid Intake Needed to Prevent Dehydration

Fluid and Weight Measurement Conversions

Smoothie Recipes (Liquid Diet)
Increasing Calcium Absorption
  • Non-Chew Cookbook - Provides sample recipes and ordering information for a cookbook for people who have chewing, swallowing, or dry mouth disorders. Also contains links to resources on health care, dentistry, and disabilities on the Other Info page.
Breastfeeding After Surgery:
References on Breastfeeding After Surgery
Breastfeeding Success & Success at a cost Is it Possible to Nurse After Surgery is Done?
Breastfeeding After Cleft Lip Repair
  Breastfeeding After Cleft Lip Repair Surgery
For Older Babies:
Saline Drops: How to Use - Rinsing Away Food/Colds
Starting Your Cleft Affected Baby on Solid Foods
What Kind of Sippy Cup Works Best?
Milk vs. Juice for Babies, Toddlers
Speech/Feeding: Oral Motor Exercises/Oral Exercises
Oral Defensiveness:
What Is Oral Defensiveness?
Help Me Please, My Baby Won't Eat Story of Jessica's Feeding Disorder
More On Jessica's Oral Defensiveness
Feeding Programs for Oral Defensiveness
Links for information on Oral Defensiveness

Bottle Share Program
Bottle Share Program: When You Finish with Your Special Feeding Bottles Others Can Use Them