Information for Parents

A hearty section for NEW Parents (Congratulations!!!) In this section you'll find information on caring for your cleft-affected newborn, basics on doctors, what to tell siblings, taking pictures, stress reduction, starting your own support groups and more. Start in this section and then work your way through the other areas (Feeding Issues, Surgery, Terms).

For New Parents ~ Congratulations on your new baby!!

General Info On the Newborn:
New Parents FAQ for Cleft Lip &/or Palate
Facts About Clefts
Cleft Detection Through Ultrasound
Clefting and Mental Retardation
THE BIG QUESTION: What Makes a Cleft?
Wording Your Baby Announcement
Birth Defect Statistics
Reference Book: A Parents Guide To Cleft Lip & Palate
Reference Book: The Cleft Palate Story
National Organizations and Resources
Online Links/ Resources
Organization: Let's Face It, A Family Resource
Information About Early Intervention Program

For detailed information on Early Intervention click here.

Also check the Wide Smiles Support Section for more online and offline resources.

Reference Book: A Parents Guide To Cleft Lip & Palate
Reference Book: The Cleft Palate Story
Video: If Your Baby Has A Cleft
Book: Autobiography of a Face
Book: David Jackson: Boy With No Nose
Book: David's Story Review
Book: Nobody's Perfect
Craniofacial Surgery Book Noteworthy: Cleft repairs, different types of clefting, some related syndromes.
Some Online Links to Drug/Medical Websites
The Resource Room by Maryann B. Hunsberger
On Taking Pictures - DO!
Pre-surgical Photos - One Mother's View
Pre-surgical Photos - Take Them or Not?
On the Doctors You'll See (More articles on the Surgery Page)
Family Centered Care - A Medical Philosophy
Multi Disciplinary Approach to Cleft Care The Various Doctors and What They'll Do
Internet Guide to HMOs
The Effective Professional
Parental Emotions
Handling It: Styles of Coping with Stress
Coping Strategies In Families Dealing With Clefts
Lost and Found - Dealing With The Feelings and Emotions Accompanying Your Baby's Birth
The Road To Resolution, One Family's Experience
Three C's of Etiology - Cause, Contribute, Correlate
Warning Signs of Clinical Depression
When Normal Grief Becomes Clinical Depression
Reaction Time - What to Say to Strangers
Welcome to Holland
Sharon Gerfen's Personal Trip To Holland and Beyond
Aids To Acceptance
A Child, Not a Cleft
Dwell not on the past...
Resilience: Turn Crisis into Opportunity
All Aboard - Bus Ride
Why We Miss the Cleft
What to Say When someone says, "Is there anything I can do to help?"
How Can I Help?
Good Stuff for Parents and Baby
Getting Rid of Headaches
The Gentle Touch -- Infant Massage Great for Mom/Dad & Baby
Chapped, cracked peeling lips - Try Bag Balm
Summertime Tips
Medication Checklist: Questions before you take
Reducing Stress in our Lives
Symposium Workshop - Relaxation and Healing
Baby Bill of Rights
The Tools We Give Our Children
Nasal Aspirators for Babies with Cleft
Diaper Rash Remedies
Cigarette Smoke Around Children with Cleft
Helping Your Child
Cleft Talk In The Home - How the Parents' Reaction to the Cleft will Affect the Child Throughout Life by Dr. John Canady
Talk To Me -- Talk to Your Kids
10 Ways to Enhance Your Childs Self-Image
When Should I Start Talking to my Children about their Cleft?
Preparing Child for Surgery
Traumatic Reactions: Recognizing Signs in Kids
Good Communication - 15 Quick Tips For Getting Your Point Across
On Telling Siblings
What's Wrong With My Baby Brother?
Explaining the Cleft to Young Children
Preparing Kids for When Parent Goes Away
Reaching Out/Starting Support Groups
Reaching Out - What to Offer To New Parents
Reaching Out To Others - Need for Support Groups/Creating Groups
All Aboard - Bus Ride

Outreach Packet #1 (First Contact)
Outreach Packet #2 (Follow-Up)
For older children's issues on self esteem, school, teasing & more: Go to the "Everyday Life" section.