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I was browsing the website and was looking at feeding merchandise pictured.  I really appreciate the photos as to see exactly what that product is as to know if it would be anything that would be of interest for our condition and use. 

My son Kian was born almost 4 months ago with a unilateral cleft.  I was not able to nurse him and turned to the Haberman system.  One day when I had Kian in for a weight check, the Lactation Consultant stopped me in the hallway.  She asked me to try this 'new to her' bottle.  It is the Pigeon bottle.  She had never sold one nor did she have any feedback as to how they work. 

Right then and there we put the bottle together and used it.  Kian had been consuming my milk by a 'trickle down' method.  He never did cradle the Haberman nipple and within a few minutes of being introduced to the Pigeon, he cradled and ate relatively well.  His feeding only got better from there. 

The nipple is thin on the tongue side for the baby to spend less calories during a feeding.  I have nothing but praise for this special nipple. I would like to have everyone who has a little one with a cleft and feeding difficulties know about the Pigeon. 

The nipple, valve and bottle set is about $20 each.  I have found a way to make the bottle for less than $5 each!!  A company called Respironics sells the nipples (valves come with) for $3.60.  At Wal Mart I found a bottle that has the ring shape very similar to the Pigeons.  The bottle at Wal Mart is the Parents Choice brand.  Lastly, if a cleft child is covered by state assistance, these nipples may be covered as I found out today that my state will cover the cost of Pigeon nipples. 

Thank you for the wonderful site, I enjoy looking and learning new things. 


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