Surgery and Medical Issues
On Doctors:
Important Questions To Ask Your Doctor
How To Choose Your Cleft Surgeon
Family Centered Care - A Medical Philosophy
Multi Disciplinary Approach to Cleft Care The Various Doctors and What They'll Do
What Happens at the First Team Visit
Finding A New Doctor
Internet Guide to HMOs
The Effective Professional
Dealing with Plastic Surgeons
Different Doctors, Different Rules
Special Doctors by Kellie
On Anesthesia:
Anesthesia Guide: Procedures & More What to Expect by Amy Beth Hilton, MD
Comments on Long Term Anesthesia Affects by Amy Beth Hilton, MD
Anesthesia and Awareness/Waking Up During Surgery Comments by Amy Beth Hilton, MD
After Surgery Affects in Infants Runny Nose, Smelly BM's & Other Medical Issues
Awareness Under Anesthesia by Amy Beth Hilton, MD
Post Surgical Constipation in Babies
Post-op Sore Throat
Surgery Postponements Due to Cold (Anesthesiologist's View)
On Surgery:
Articles by Joanne Green:
During Surgery - A Poetic Plea To The Surgeon Doing Your Childs Repair
Getting through the Two Hour Tough The Waiting Room Wait
First Surgery - Reality of the Miracle Joanne Green Tells What to Expect
Let Go And Let Doc Joey's Rhinoplasty: Learning to Trust the Doctor to Make Good Choices for our Kids
Things We Do For Love
But I Miss the Cleft
When The Kid Says, "No Way! Not Again!!"
What to Tell Your Older Child about Surgery
Finding Strength During Surgery
The "Other" Reasons: Why We Pursue Those "Purely Cosmetic" Procedures
Facing Surgery with Your Baby: Some Advice
What to Say When someone says, "Is there anything I can do to help?"
What's it Like, from the Mother's Perspective?
More On Preparing For Surgery:
Surgery: Timing is Everything Ages at Which Various Surgeries Are Done by Bruce M Aucher MD
Rule of Tens - Needed to Reach Before Baby's First Surgery
Other Parents Before-Surgery Tips
Avoiding Having Surgery Cancelled - Some Tips
Telling a 5 Year Old Why He Is Having Surgery
Surgery Postponements Due to Cold (Anesthesiologist's View)
Vitamin Info; Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster
Anesthetic Cream for Shots and Blood Draws
Regarding the Management of Anxiety and/or Pain
Preparing Child for Surgery
Surgery and Blood Transfusion Information
Stress Balls - Pre-Surgery Project
The Body's Response to Stress
Storing Blood for Surgery?
Helping Prepare Your Child for the Trauma of Surgery
A Child In Pain -- Book Review
Removing the Obturator before Surgery
On Hospital Stays:
A Conversation With A Pediatric Nurse Making Hospital Stays Easier for Parents and Kids
Children's Video: Slim Goodbody's The Before Tour
Kristi's Hospital Survival Tips: Adult Patient's Guide
What To Pack For Hospital Stays
Visitors After Surgery? Some Comments From Parents
Being in the Recovery Room
On Lip Repair:
Various Comments on Lip Repair Scars Cleaning, Healing, Appearance after First Surgery, Revison
Keloid and Hypertrophic Scars
Removing Keloids - Ideas from Body Piercing FAQ
Nasal Shapers
What is a Periostoplasty?
Taking Out Stitches - What to Expect
After Surgery Affects in Infants Runny Nose, Smelly BM's & Other Medical Issues
Clinical Explanation of Lip Repair & Revision by Dr Hovey
What is a Logan's Bow?
The Latham Pin Device: One Family's Experience
Pre-Surgical Bonnet
Banking Tissue with Lip Repair
Palate vs. Lip Repair
Whistle Defect/Abbe Flap
Personal Stories on Lip Repair:
Hannah Rose: A Father's Account of 1st Lip Repair & Periostoplasty
Reylene's First Surgery, Memories by Her Parents
Paul's Lip Repair
Daniel's Lip Revision
(Love) Bug's Lip Repair
Abbe Flap for Lindsey
  • Another step-by-step repair you might want to look at it is this: Note: This is a procedure from 1958, but is not outdated.

    Robert Degraw offers his personal life story and an illustrated explanation of lip repair that was performed on him in 1958. Similar procedures are done today.

  • Dr Hovey provides the following web pages. Written for medical professionals it will help you understand your child's operation. It is graphic, the surgical procedure is detailed and illustrated with actual photos. (You choose what pictures you want to see - there are over 50 illustrating the operation. Very technical discussion.)

    Unilateral cleft repair:
    and Cleft Lip Revision:

Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery

Provides illustrated explanations of surgery to repair cleft lips and palates.

More Useful Links: A special thanks to Pat Bacon for researching the following links. If you find others that should be here, please email us at

ASPRS (American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) Plastic Surgery Information Service:

This website is sponsored by the ASPRS & PSEF (Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation). Includes doctor referral, history & background on a wide variety of procedures. Examples are: and

Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons
Noteworthy - History of discipline; craniofacial surgery.

Plink - The Plastic Surgery Link
Noteworthy - News groups, cranio-maxillofacial surgery

On Palate Repair:
Primary Palate Closure:
How Does Surgery Close The Palate?
Post-Palate Repair: Cleaning the Palate Area
Tongue Flap Procedure for Palate Repair by Dr. John Canady
Use of the Tongue Stitch During Palate Repair by Dr. John Canady
Fistulas/Surgery Failing
More on Fistulas
VIDEO: Cleft Palate Reconstruction
Palate Surgery When Child Has A Trache
Secondary Palate Repairs: Pharyngeal Flap
What is a Sphincter Pharyngeoplasty?
Flap vs. Furlow (vs. Sphincter Pharyngeoplasty)
Pierre Robin, Pharyngeal Flap and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Personal Stories on Palate Repair:
For The Love of Bread Humorous Account of One Boy's Attempts to Eat After Palate Surgery
Sarah's Palate Repair
Jade's Palate Surgery
Andrew's Palate Repair: Pre-Op
Andrew's Palate Repair: Quick Update
Andrew's Palate Repair: Long Update
Andrew's Palate Repair: Post-Op
Cory's Story on Speech Therapy/Palate Repair
Paul's Palate Repair - Before & After
Anthony's Story - Cleft of Soft Palate
Ryan's Palate Surgery (Pierre Robin)
Brian's Palate Repair (Pierre Robin)
Erin's Soft Palate Repair
David's Story: Sphincter Pharyngeoplasty
Feeding After Surgery:
DRINK UP! Post Surgical Dietary Restrictions Suggestions on Feeding after Surgery
Help for the After Care Feeding Frenzy
Sample Feeding Instructions After Palate Repair
Liquid Diet Recipes for After Surgery
How To Order Ross Nipples
Saline Drops: How to Use - Rinsing Away Food/Colds
Feeding Newborn Baby With a Dixie Cup
Weaning to a Cup for Surgery
Fluid Intake Needed to Prevent Dehydration
Fluid and Weight Measurement Conversions

Click here to see pictures of a Mead Johnson Bottle, Ross Nipple and more.

Smoothie Recipes (Liquid Diet)
On Breastfeeding After Surgery:
References on Breastfeeding After Surgery
Breastfeeding Success & Success at a cost Is it Possible to Nurse After Surgery is Done?
Breastfeeding After Cleft Lip Repair
On Recovery:
A Wildcat In Recovery! Jessica's Recovery Room Story by Joanne Green
OPIOD FAQ (Pain Relief Drugs)
Red Flags of Infection (Complications after Surgery)
Medication Checklist: Questions before you take
Help for Adhesive Sensitive Skin
Dehydration - A Medical Crisis! by Carol Edson RN
Narcotic Drug Use for Pain Control
Morphine and Narcan for Pediatrics
  Post-Surgical Pain - The Voices of Experience
On After Care Instructions:
Making A "User Friendly" Restraining Jacket
Arm Restraints - How to Order Some
Tips for Keeping Arm Restraints On
Wearing the No-No's (arm restraints) After Surgery

Go to the Pedi-Wrap homepage:

Also, Snuggle Wraps:

Tylenol Dosages: A Warning
Regarding the Management of Anxiety and/or Pain
Tylenol Overdosing
  Different Doctors, Different Rules
Alternative to Persons with Tape Allergies (Spandage)
On Rhinoplasty/Nose Repair:
Timing Of Rhino Plastic Surgeries
Rhinoplasty: Columnella Lengthening "Lifting the Tip" - Bilateral Cleft 'Nose Repair'
Early Rhinoplasty
On Bone Graft and Afterward:
Bone Graft Donor Sites
Reconstructing The Jigsaw After Alveolar Collapse Jaw Expansion by Orthodontia Before Bone Graft in Bilateral Clefts-Dr Kirt Simmons
Failed Bone Graft then Suggested Jaw Surgery Response/Comments by Dr Simmons
  Helping the Bone Graft Be Successful
A regimen for Successful Bone Graft Surgery by Joanne Green
  Advice on Bone Grafts
  Who Needs a Bone Graft?
  Do all Cleft Children Need Bone Grafts?
  Increasing Calcium Absorption
  Hypobaric Oxygen Treatments
  Face Frame/Bone Graft
  Bone Graft: Summary Of Jacob's Experience
Sabrina's Bone Graft Experience
Alisha's Bone Graft Story
On Jaw Advancement:
Jaw Advancement by Craig Weschke Written from Both Sides - Undergoing Procedure/Working with Doctor
Maxillofacial Advancement Surgery: Teens/Adults
Jaw Advancement Surgery - One Person's Experience
Facial Distraction Article
Mandibular Jaw Advancement (or Distraction)
Jaw Alignment Surgery - An Explanation
Inside-the-Mouth Style Distractor Device
On Effects On Other Kids In Your Family:
My Sister's Surgery Joanne Remembers How Her Sister's Surgery Affected Her as a Child
Sibling Stress - Taking Care of the Needs of the Other Children When a Sibling Goes to the Hospital
Preparing Kids for When Parent Goes Away
On Wholistic Approaches:
The Gentle Touch -- Infant Massage Great for Mom/Dad & Baby
Spiritual Preparation For Surgery
Songs Effects During Surgery
Alternative Preparation for Surgery
Massage after muscle surgery
Vitamin Info: Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster
Alternative Treatments in Preparation for Surgery and After Care
Alternative Treatment and Cleft Care
Guided Imagery And Surgery
Post-Anesthesia Recommendations
The Body's Response to Stress