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    One in seven hundred persons are born with some form of cleft lip and palate.  This constitutes a large number of persons.  When coupled with their families and loved ones, a very large number of people are touched by clefting issues.  And  yet, too often, cleft and craniofacial differences are portrayed in the media either inaccurately, or with sensationalism.  The purpose of this page is to provide the media with accurate, sensitive information to enhance their cleft-related reports.

   FaceUP! (a program of Wide Smiles) will also monitor the reporting of cleft issues in the media to ensure that those who write, tape or film about cleft will do so from a point of accuracy.  By informing authors, playwrights, editors, publishers, producers, and the like of inaccuracies we hope to impact future reporting of cleft issues. We will also help individual citizens, support groups, and others, to learn how to write letters that effect a change when they feel something regarding cleft in the media has been insensitive or misleading.

   FaceUP! Also offers a valuable resource to members of the media.  We can provide not only information, but also graphics, and individual persons who can provide them with personal information that can be used make clefting issues real and sensitive.

    FaceUP! Will review films, literature, etc, that speak to the issues of clefting.  We will also report on any media reports that unfairly or inaccurately report on clefting issues, and we will aid in letter writing when the need presents itself.  We also want to issue kudos to those who take the time to ensure accurate and sensitive reporting.  Anyone who wishes to report an instance of cleft in the media, please contact us at JoSmiles@aol.com.



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