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Of special interest: Special nipple and valve unit. The Haberman is used by first filling the nipple unit (turn the bottle upside down and squeeze the air out of the nipple cylinder. Let it fill with milk as it re-expands) and then feed to the baby. The nipple will automatically re-fill as the baby drinks, but the milk will not be able to go back into the bottle due to the special valve unit.

Also of interest is the slit-top nipple (not a cross-cut) and the gauge on the side of the nipple ring. That gauge and the slit nipple will help to control the rate of flow.

 The different parts of the Haberman. From Left to Right: Collar, Valve Disk and Valve Membrane (The white, flexible valve membrane is shown upside down. The middle plug is where it connects to the hard plastic disk.).

Looking at the Valve unit from the top. The valve membrane is a flexible disk that plugs into the center of the hard-plastic disk of the valve unit. Here the valve membrane is shown the way it is inserted into the hard plastic disk.

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