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We are proud to announce Aidan Tyler. Aidan was born with a complete bilateral cleft of the lip and palate. These pictures are presented by his parents, Jodi and Quentin.

aidan01.jpg Aidan at 1 day old, in a picture worthy of a drivers license. His premaxilla has floated outward and rotated.


Aidan at 2 weeks wearing his obturator which will move his premaxilla into alignment for lip repair surgery.

aidan03.jpg "Got Milk? You bet I do!


Our little angel at 9 weeks, just prior to lip closure surgery.

Aidan 12 hours post surgery. The healing begins.


Aidan and Mommy the moment the arm restraints came off-the best Christmas present ever!

2 weeks post-op still swollen.

aidan07.jpg aidan08.jpg

Our little rookie, 5 weeks post-op. His lip is at its shortest.


aidan09.jpgOur handsome Boy!

Aidan with his mother and father.


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