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Amanda Marie

Amanda Marie (aka `The Peachy Girl') was born on September 18, 1995 with Pierre Robin Syndrome, including a cleft of both the hard and soft palate (no gum or lip involvement). Her pictures are presented by her mother and father, Shelley and Ken.

Welcome to the world Amanda Marie! She is minutes old here - her chin is so little. After a tough delivery, she is still swollen and bruised and BEAUTIFUL.



This is the second time Mommy got to hold her. She is 2 days old here. We had lots of tears that day.


This test was actually 5 tests at one time! Called a 5 channel pneumogram, this was the last test before they let her leave the hospital. She is so patient and calm through it all.

This picture shows  why we call her  "Peach"-
look at those cheeks!  Here she was 7 days old.


Here she is with her Mom and Nana. Boy, do her lungs work good!
2 weeks old

Her first Halloween, 1-1/2 months old. Daddy in his "costume" too.



Here you can see her cleft. She is 2 months old here.






At the age of 5 months, here she is having a very serious talk with her Grampa. "I want one Corvette in the same color red as my chair." "Thanks Grampa!"


6 months old. "My mom thinks I'm cute. I just like this hose...A lot." As you can see her chin has already grown out a lot.

Boy this  teething stuff really "bites".
10 months  old.

11 months old. Amanda with her Grandmom and her GreatMomMom. 7 days post-op.

Amanda and Nanna  at the Philadelphia Zoo - 8 days post-op. The splints never stopped her from much.

Amanda at 1 year.

Her chin has all but grown out.

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