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Bailey Alexander
Bailey Alexander was born on May 31, 1999 with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. His pictures are presented to you by his parents, Larry and Michelle.

Bailey Alexander was born on May 31, 1999. He was 3 weeks early and born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.

Here is Bailey with his Grandma J. Bailey's only 1 month old.

Here's Bailey right after surgery. He loved to listen to his bear right next to his head.

Bailey had breathing problems so they had to put a tube in his nose to help him breathe.

Bailey is watching his Grandma, who stayed and helped out a lot at the hospital.

Bailey has his tube removed along with the tape that was holding it on. He's more than ready to go home...and so is Mom!

Here's Bailey at home and what a beautiful smile he has!

Another wonderful smile. However we do miss the old smile. We love him just the same!

Madelynn loves her little brother Bailey. She has so much fun holding him and getting him to laugh and smile. They share a lot of time together.

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