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Rebecca Chang Mi (Korean for "Rose") has a bilateral cleft lip and palate (complete). She was born Christmas Day 1983 at the 197th US Army General Hospital, Frankfort, Germany. Her initial surgeries were done at the US Army Hospital in Landstuhl, Germany. Becky's pictures are brought to you by Becky and her father and mother, Bob and No Kyong.

Becky at 5 days old, getting ready to welcome in the New Year (1984); well, actually she doesn't really care.

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Becky resting on her Uncle Ron (the Physician's Assistant) during his visit to Germany about one month after she was born.

Becky at 7 days old.

Becky at 3 months, home after her first major operation.

Becky at 4 mos old, about a month after her first major surgery in at the Army hospital in Landstuhl, Germany.

Another of Becky at 4 months with Dad (Bob, unilateral cleft lip and gum).

Becky and friends about 2-3 months after her first surgery.

Becky with her older brother Louis after surgery in June 1985. Doesn't like those restraints very much.

Mom (No Kyong) holding a very tired Becky around Christmas 1986.

Becky at Christmas in 1986.

Becky goes to school

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