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Mike, Mickey, and Melinda are proud to present our wonderful little character of a son and brother...


Brett is 4 years old and was born with a cleft palate, atresia of the right ear, and microtia of both ears.

Age 4 months. Daddy holding Brett for a picture while Melinda watches.

Age 1 year. Mommy presents Brett with his first birthday cake at his party!

Age 18 months. Brett playing with the telephone and just learning to walk.

Age 3 years. Brett and Melinda after Easter Sunday service.

Age 3. School photo

Age 4. Mike and Mickey's two little angels at the Christmas play in 1996.

Age 4. School photo

Brett waiting for the bus... (he always wears a baseball cap when he plays basketball)

November 1995

The whole family, with Grandpa

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