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Brian was born with Pierre Robin Sequence (PRS), including a wide "horseshoe" shaped cleft of the hard and soft palate. These pictures are presented to you by his parents, David and Robyn, and his brother Shaun.

Here is our sweetheart at 2 weeks old. Snuggled in his car seat, we are just home from another doctor visit. You can see how recessed his lower jaw is here, one of the features of PRS. He still hasn't made it back to his birth weight.
This is Brian at 5 weeks, the day after he was released from the hospital following surgery to place a palatal prosthesis and tubes, as well as a lip-tongue adhesion to try to alleviate breathing problems. He is sound asleep and he has just been blessed (christened). The blue thread coming from the right side of the mouth is a tongue stitch connected to a button in the back of his throat to keep the pressure off his tongue while it heals to his bottom lip. This will be reversed after the palate is repaired and breathing is no longer an issue.
Here he is at 5 months, during one of the rare times he could swing. We had to be very careful as the reflux was a major problem. The cast on his left leg is to help correct a condition called Metatarsus Adductus. His foot was turning in and slightly down, so a series of casts was necessary.

This is Brian and Mommy at a family wedding this past June. As you can see, his failure to gain weight is no longer a problem! Doesn't that grin look mischievous, like "Maybe I can grab her hair?"

Having a break between casts and grinning at Daddy, You can see his jaw has grown out, at least we think it has under those chins! He is such a happy guy!

Brian at 6 months and his big brother Shaun (22 months) share a "touching" moment. Shaun adores "his Bi-an". Are they cute or what?

This is Brian and Grandma just prior to Brian's palate surgery. They are checking out the fish in the "waiting" area prior to surgery. Brian is 7 months old.

Brian and Mommy snuggle while we wait for the anesthesiologist. His finger had just been poked, he's gowned and sucking those fingers for all they are worth while he still can! Mommy makes an attempt at a happy face.

And this is our "squeaker", 3 weeks post op (like 2 days ago...). Happy as can be, and totally healed and recovered.

This could be a blackmail photo- but he's being modest! Brian is totally into "tubber" time! This is his and daddy's time every evening! Almost 8 months old, and almost too big for the sink tub!

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