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Britanie Michelle

Britanie Michelle was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. Her photos are presented to you by her mother, Sheryl.

Age 3 weeks. Britanie's cleft before anything was done (Pre-Latham Device)


Age 3 months
After 7 weeks of the Latham Device and just prior to lip repair

Age 5 months, 1 month post lip repair
   "The camera again!!!!!"

Britanie Michelle, age 7 months
I LOVE to have my picture taken!!!

Age 1 year ~ The porcelain doll look

Age 2 years, 11 months...Examining Halloween candy


Age 2 years, 11 months, Halloween 1996
Our little Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader

Britanie at 5 years old; growing more beautiful every day!

Big brother Nathan at his Military Ball

(Left) Britanie's 2003/04 school picture. 10 years old and beautiful!

(Right) Nate and Brit on their way to the Britney Spears concert, August 2004

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