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Greetings and welcome to Bryan's gallery page! Thank you for stopping by to see our beautiful child. We hope your journey with cleft is as wondrous and filled with blessings as ours has been. It is very difficult at times, but that which does not kill us shall only make us stronger. Believe in your faith and your love for your child and you can climb any mountain together.

Bryan was born on 12/30/95 with a complete bilateral cleft lip and palate. As you can see here at 5 months old, it was very wide. These pictures were taken the day before his lip repair.

During his lip repair, Bryan suffered a rare infection to the surgical site, and in the process, lost some stitches that needed to be repaired. Due to the skill and tender care of our new plastic surgeon, his repair was saved in time.

Here is our angel after his lip repair, and after his palate repair.
These pictures were taken in November 1996, when Bryan was 11 months old.

What a doll!! As you can see, no adverse affects for this happy guy!

And here is our family.

Mom (Leigh), Dad (David), big brother Michael, and our Bryan.

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