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Cory was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. Cory's pictures are presented to you by his parents, Michelle and David.

Cory at 16 days old. Still in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, but able to begin eating and off the machines.

Mom and Cory share a quiet moment together.

Cory's first professional photos

July 1991, age two and a half months

Just prior to lip surgery

Cory right after his lip surgery, August 2, 1991, 3 months old

He was most comfortable in the baby seat

Cory at 5 months, October 1991

Cory at 11 months, April 1992. 2 months after his first palate surgery, he'd already gained 2 pounds.

Cory at 15 months. Just beginning speech therapy - which was celebrated by a  "mini-carnival", where the kids were photographed with their heads in cardboard cutouts of their favorite animals.




Cory's "Crowning Moment"
(age 2 years)

Named "King" in F. E. Warren Air Force Base's Beautiful Baby contest.

He blew the crowd away by carrying a set of golf clubs and hitting a ball square out into the audience.

(Dad, being an avid golfer, had taught Cory the correct way to swing, and Cory had it down by now).

Cory's T-Ball picture, age 4 years. Already a well-rounded athlete :-)

Cory and his baby sister Nicole. He's now 4 and she's 1. He's already begun to teach her how to be a rugged soul.

The Family Christmas Portrait - 1996

Nicole (2), Cory (5), Mom Michelle and Dad David (not ready to tell!)

Cory (7), Nicole (4)

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