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Devon Erwin was born on May 8, 2001 with a bilateral cleft lip, palate and gumline. Devon's pictures are presented to you by his parents, Diana and Steve.

Devon was born with a bilateral cleft lip, palate and gumline. He had a protruding and rotated premaxilla. He weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces. We knew of Devon's cleft before he was born so we kind of knew what to expect. I didn't realize how GORGEOUS he would be!!

Since Devon's premaxilla was protruded and rotated his PS decided to try and push it back into place using this bonnet with a retainer type contraption connected. Devon HATED this thing. After two days he had very bad sores in his nose from the stents that were attached. He cried constantly when this was on. Steven and I took it off and called the PS. She let us use just tape and soft nose stents while his sores healed and his orthodontist tried to modify the stents so they wouldn't give him sores. Next time we went in, our PS said that the tape was doing trick and he didn't need to wear the bonnet. HIP HIP HOORAY!!!

This was our first attempt at the taping and the soft nose stents. We had a very difficult time keeping the stents in until Grandma figured it out. The next picture will show you how she did it. This is Devon the first time he rolled over! What a sweetie.

Grandma figured out how to keep the stents in by sewing bands on the sides and putting tape through the holes. It worked great and they stayed in perfectly. This is what we stuck with for the remainder of the time before surgery. Our PS was very happy with the progress of his premaxilla. It was centered nicely for surgery. Way to go, Devon!

We decided to get Devon's pictures done professionally before his surgery. We are so glad we did! Who can resist that sweet angel face! I strongly recommend getting LOTS of before pictures done. I still look at these and it warms my heart!

Here's another pose. Honestly, isn't that the cutest wide smile you've ever seen?! That smile is extremely contagious!

This is just a few days before surgery. Here you can really see how well the tape moved his premaxilla to the center of his mouth. It remained centered after removing the tape, as you can see here. Devon was able to fit both fists completely into his mouth. Quite a talent! This was Devon's favorite toy before surgery. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to put it in his mouth afterward. Since everything ended up in Devon's mouth we were concerned about this being a frustration for him with the arm restraints, but it turned out to be no big deal at all.

Here's Devon and daddy in pre-op. I think Devon knows something's up here.

(Left) Here's Devon in recovery just minutes after surgery. He's pretty swollen and groggy. I was anticipating more blood and bruising. He didn't bruise at all. I was still shocked at the difference. He looks like a completely different but still beautiful baby.

(Right) About 10 hours after surgery Devon was ready to play! He was actually laughing here in his hospital room. He handled this much better than mommy did! He's enjoying his new lip as he is now able to make bubbles! What fun. Steven and I were allowed to stay in the room with him. They made us very comfortable and we were extremely happy with his care in the hospital. Look at those huge eyes!

This is about 4 days post-op. He's doing great and is back to normal in almost every aspect. He acts like nothing ever happened. Which makes it much easier for mommy and daddy! What a great kid!

Here's our little family. Daddy, Grandpa and Grandma, Auntie Linda, Mommy and Devon. We feel very lucky to have this little guy added to the family. He has already touched so many lives and will continue to do so with his charming personality and handsome new face. Lucky us!

Devon (7 months old) is doing great 3 months after his lip repair. His healing went very smoothly and his scarring is minimal. During Devon's palate repair, he will have some revision work done on his nose to bring the nostrils in and the tip up.

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