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Emma Leigh
Emma Leigh was born on March 12, 1999 with a wide unilateral cleft lip and palate. She had her lip repaired and myringotomy tubes placed on July 13, 1999 (4 months old). Her pictures are presented to you by her dad and mom, Greg and Karyn.

4 days old. Emma is holding Daddy's hand.

1 month old. Emma's cleft is relatively wide. So are her beautiful blue eyes!

3 months old. Em's smile is so wide, it just cracks us up!

3 months old. Our family: Greg, Karyn and Emma Leigh

4 months old, 1 day prior to lip repair. What a ham! Em's making Grandma and Grandpa laugh!

4 hours post-op. Oh my poor baby. Em's plastic surgeon used dissolvable stitches, then covered the sutures with a clear adhesive dermabond. Her ears are soaked with drainage from inserting myringotomy tubes. Em is also wearing a logan's bow. This metal lip guard is to help protect her new lip from accidental bumps.

1 day post-op. A precious first new smile.

2 days post-op. Em isn't quite back to herself yet.

5 days post-op. The dermabond is starting to peel off. Yuck! Looks pretty bad, huh?

1-1/2 weeks post-op. The demabond has been removed. Em was allergic to the antibacterial ointment we applied so her entire lip is pink and swollen.

3 weeks post-op. Em's lip is beginning to pull up as her scar tightens.

6-1/2 weeks post-op. Her scar is "red and raised".

6-1/2 months old, 2-1/2 months post-op. Look at those ears!!


8 months old, 4 months post-op. We're getting ready for Christmas a bit early! Em's nose 'fell' and will be fixed when she is a toddler. Her scar is beginning to look more flesh-toned.

4 months post-op. Em LOVES taking a bath. So cute!

Our family: Greg, Karyn & Emma Leigh (8 months). Merry Christmas 1999.

February 14, 2000. Emma is 11 months old

Happy Valentine's Day 2000!

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