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This page is brought to you courtesy of David and Virginia. Their son Geoffrey has given his permission for you to see his photos.

Click here to hear a greeting from Geoffrey.

Geoffrey was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.

This is a photo of Geoffrey at
about 2 & a half months old,
before his first successful surgery.

This is a pic of Geoffrey after the lip repair (4 or 5 months old), but before any palate work.

Scenes from Geoffrey's hard palate repair surgery at nine months...with Dad (David)... misery loves company...

...and with Mom (Virginia).... how we miss the joys of splints and syringe feeding... NOT!

Geoffrey's second Christmas...

...almost 21 months old.

View other pictures of Geoff:

This is Geoffrey as a senior in high school.

Geoffrey is now in college enjoying life to the fullest!

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