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Grace was born on April 2, 2000 with an incomplete bilateral cleft lip and incomplete cleft palate. Grace's pictures are presented to you by her parents, Marie & Chuck.

This is Grace's newborn picture.

Grace was adopted at birth. We knew of her cleft before she was born from ultrasound, which was detected at approximately 25 weeks gestation. We were very fortunate to be able to become informed and research clefts, so that when the special day came, we were able to enjoy it and not suffer from the shock a lot of couples feel.

Grace's first surgery to repair her lip will be done in early July 2000. Her plastic surgeon is estimating palate repair at about 12-18 months.

grace01.jpg grace02.jpg

Grace and big brother Colin.
April 15, 2000

August 30, 2000 - Three weeks after lip repair. 4 months old.

September 10, 2000: Grace is 5 months old. 7 weeks post lip repair.

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