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These pictures are proudly presented by Griffin's parents, Bonnie and Chris. Griffin was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate on June 4, 1998.

Here is Griffin at 2 months old. He loves his vibrating bouncy chair!

Griffin immediately post-op. August 18, 1998.

This is the day after lip repair, August 19, 1998. We are still at the hospital. Doesn't he look great?!

Griffin with his big brother, Dylan. The swing has surpassed the bouncy chair in popularity. This was taken 2 weeks after surgery and he is healing nicely. The arm restraints came off after 5-1/2 weeks and his lip looks really good. Very little redness on the scar.

The family portrait, Chris & Bonnie, Griffin, 4 months and Dylan 4-1/2 years, taken September 98

Dylan and Griffin on Christmas morning, 1998.

Griffin at 8 months (Feb 1999) saying "I'm not too sure about this cookie!"

Griffin at 9 months...Who would think that if there is snow on the ground outside and it's March - Mom would put me in a swim suit! She knew it wouldn't fit this summer and was just too cute to pass up!

Griffin singing in the rain, July 1999 (13.5 months)

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Griffin at 1 year (June 4, 1999)

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Family portrait: Bonnie and Chris with Griffin, 1 year and Dylan, 5-1/2 years

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Griffin, 2 years old and looking good!

Griffin, 2-1/2 years old (December 2000)

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