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Hannah W.
Hannah was born with Pierre Robin Sequence and Stickler Syndrome. She has had 2 unsuccessful soft palate repairs (ages 6 and 12 months), but another surgery is scheduled for Sept. 1998. She had a nasal bridge constructed when she was 6 months old. Her pictures are presented to you by her parents, Shawn and Melissa.

Hannah 2 weeks old with her proud big sister, Kaitlyn

Hannah in her christening gown with her Mom, just 3 days before her first cleft palate  and nose reconstruction surgery. She's 6 months old here.

1 week after surgery.
The metal splint on my nose and arm restraints were soooooooooo much fun...

9 months old and I just got my first pair of glasses-
hot pink with wire frames! Finally I can see everyone!

December 10, 1996 - 1 year old.
This picture was taken 3 hours after my second cleft palate surgery.
Let's hear it for morphine!

Our precious Hannah - 15 months old at Easter, 1997.

Hannah at 18 months old.

I just turned 2 and I'm a happy little camper!

Easter 98. That poor little bunny. We didn't think Hannah would ever let go.

Hannah, June 98 (2.5 years old). Ready for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.

My brand new "big girl" glasses.
Age 2 years, 8 months.

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