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Harper Jaylee

Harper was born on December 12, 1999 at 12:07 a.m. and was 21 inches long. She weighed 7 pounds, 2 ounces. Harper was born with a wide unilateral cleft lip and palate. To be honest, we were more amazed with her hair than anything else! Cleft or not, we loved her immediately. She is our little doll.

Harper's pictures are presented to you by her parents, Andy and Stacie along with a special thanks to Grandma Judy for her photographic contributions.

(Left) Sixteen Days Young


(Right) 2 months old. I have a wide, unilateral cleft. Aren't I cute? Yes, my hair stands straight up on its own!

harper03.jpgHere I am at 3 months. My lip has been taped with 3M Microspore tape; this will give my surgeon more to work with!


You can see a bit of my cleft palate here. I am 3.5 months old.

Day after surgery. 4 months + 1 day old. I have iced gauze over my mouth to help control swelling.

harper05.jpg harper06.jpg

I'm so cute, I've surprised myself. This is about 1 week after surgery. My arm restraints restrict what I can play with, so I am in my bouncie seat; my favorite toy that allows me to play without getting frustrated. I have bolsters in my nose to help hold its shape; dissolvable stitches in my outer lip and dermabond glue over my sttitches.

My newest smile. Looking good! (1 week post-op)


3 days after the arm restraints came off (3.5 weeks post-op).

(Left) Here I am posing with my new look at 5 months old.


(Right) 6.5 months old and already a super star. My scar is healing nicely, and my nose is holding its new shape well.


Sleeping Beauty, 6.5 months old

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