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Haylee was born on June 13, 1971 with a unilateral cleft lip and palate and has had 10 surgeries to date. These pictures are presented to you by Haylee herself.

This photo is from Christmas 1997. Jason, Haylee and Schioban

Now, going back in time: 3 months old, 1971. About 1 month post-op for my lip repair. What a big head!

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2 years old, 1973

11 years old, 1982. Before any rhinoplasty and just before braces. I had quite a gap between my front teeth due to losing a tooth which didn't properly come in.

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My Senior picture, 1988. This was before my final rhinoplasty which was done that Christmas. Nice "'80's do"!

Family Photo '94: My mom, dad and younger brother Kevin. You can sort of see the difference in my nose after my rhinoplasty, as opposed to my Senior picture.

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My profile today. I'm still very self conscious about it.

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