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Hunter Drake was born on 11/22/96 with a wide unilateral cleft lip and palate. Hunter's pictures are presented to you by his mother, Kristi.

Hunter, 2 hours old, terribly swollen, scared and without his mother in NICU.

My son in NICU after the swelling has gone down.

Hunter at 1 month old. I am proud, but defensive.

Hunter before lip and nose repair.

24 hours after lip & nose repair. ( 3 months old)

Lip and nose repair, post-op.

(L) Before palate repair, what a cutie! (15 months)

(R) Home after palate repair, Hunter is looking a little ruff!

(L) Completely recovered from palate repair. (18 months old)

(R) Hunter at 3 years old.

Hunter's mom writes, "I was terribly scared and many times thought I could not do this but after I look back on our  experience even though there were a lot of tuff times I only had one choice - do the best I could, be proud of my little boy, love and protect him no matter what the cost!"

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