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Joey L.
Joey was born on November 19, 1997 with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. Joey's cleft was actually discovered before his birth through ultrasound when his mom, Gail was 5 months pregnant. Scared and uncertain what a cleft even was, Gail went home that same day and found the Wide Smiles Gallery on the internet. "The Wide Smiles Gallery is what kept us calm and reassured us our baby would be all right. My husband Bill and I want to share pictures of our precious Joey in hope that it can help other parents going through the same thing."

The following pictures are presented to you by Joey's parents, Bill and Gail.

Joey, one day old, with Mom.

Joey at 8 weeks showing off his beautiful wide smile. Here he's had his first surgery which was inserting a palate prosthesis at 4 weeks old.

One day before his lip repair. Joe's 10 weeks old.

Three days after the lip repair. In addition to his arm restraints here you can see the device he wore (Logan's Bow) to protect his lip. We miss his wide smile but he's still our handsome boy!

Such a happy guy! (7 months)

Daddy and Joe (8 months)

Joey having a ball on his first birthday.

December 2000: Joey, 3 years old, with his new baby sister Emma (born 10/16, nca).

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