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Justin was born October 1, 1996 with a unilateral complete cleft lip and palate.
His pictures are presented here by his parents, Rick and Debbi.

"Umm, I don't think I'm ready for this yet...
Can't I go back and snooze for another week?"
This is Justin only moments after his birth.

Justin #1

Justin #2

Justin at 5 days old with Debbi and Banshee.
Banshee takes her job as Assistant Mommy very seriously!

At one week old we were using the Mead Johnson
Nursers. It took an average of 45 minutes just to
get a couple ounces down him.Justin #3

Justin #4
Justin & Mommy, he's 10 days old.

Justin the Pooh! (Halloween 1996)

Justin #5

Justin #6
7 Weeks Old.

Lip Repair Surgery

December 17, 1996 (11 wks. old)

Justin #08
Daddy was making him laugh in the pre-op room.

Justin #10
Justin at home in his own crib only 4 hours post-op.

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Justin #19Justin at 15 weeks of age, and 4 weeks after lip repair surgery.
This was the second set of professional photos we had done. It was also the second time something went wrong during developing. Luckily, the problem spots didn't blot Justin out, so we scanned the proofs anyway. If getting pictures done at a specific time (like before lip surgery) is important to you, you should have them done far enough ahead of time to make sure the results are satisfactory. By the way, we had professional photos done again recently by a different photographer. This set is lost at the developer's. It's a good thing we take plenty of snapshots.

Justin #20Justin #21Justin #22

These photos were taken at about monthly intervals, starting at 3 mos. in the top left and going clockwise.

Justin #24Justin #23

Justin #25

Justin at 8 months.
That smile is gonna knock their socks off!

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