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Katya was born on August 23, 1998 with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. Katya's pictures are presented to you by her parents, Dabney & Chuck.

This photo was taken the day before Katya's lip and palate repair. We adopted Katya from Russia on the first of September and arrived home on the eighth. She had her lip and palate repaired together on October 29, 1999. Katya was 14 months old.


We finally got our girl back. Here she is one week after lip and palate repair. It was a hard week on all of us but Katya pulled through like a champ.

Katya was dedicated at church four weeks after her lip and palate repair. It just happened to fall on the weekend after Thanksgiving. Together with our family and friends we gave thanks for what a precious gift we had been given.

Our first Christmas as a family.

This is Katya's first snow. She had a great time! This photo was taken in February, 2000. Katya was 17 months old.

This is Katya's Easter picture, 19 months old. This photo was taken five months after surgery for her lip and palate. Her scars are hardly noticeable now! What a little angel she is.

Here is Katya at age 2. She is dancing a "jig" in the new boots her Papa gave her. She is doing great. She still has 2 fistulae in her palate that will require repair. Overall her scars have healed very nicely and are barely noticeable.

This is Katya's new sister, Nina Sophia. We adopted Nina from Russia in July, 2000. Nina is 8 months old in this photo. Katya loves her new sister and Nina adores Katya.

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