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Lindsey Elizabeth

Lindsey was born on April 5, 2000 with an incomplete unilateral cleft lip. She weighed 6 pounds, 12 ounces and was 20 inches long. When she was taken to the doctors 2 weeks later, her weight was the same but she was 18 inches long. The difference was probably due to her breech presentation. Lindsey's pictures are presented to you by her parents, Amy & Mell.

Lindsey was born April 5, 2000. She was born by c-section due to a breech presentation. Her cleft lip was a surprise. The on-call pediatrician kept telling us that we would have to mourn the death of a perfect child. This really confused us as parents, because as far as we were concerned she had all her fingers and toes. She was perfect to us.

We have no other family history of cleft. We do know of four other babies within blocks of one another that occurred within a five year span. So we are looking into environmental causes. Also, mom's brother died during early pregnancy. The team could not determine a reason for clefting.


Lindsey is two months old. She is so adorable that we take photos constantly. We know she is changing daily. As you may be able to tell she is eating fine. She is exclusively breastfed. We have actually had difficulty with a bottle and as of now, we have had no success with her taking a bottle. In the beginning, she was so sleepy from being 3 weeks early that she slept through many feedings. She had some difficulty latching on, but progressed well. She actually wore preemie clothes for the first two months.

lindseyl03.jpgLindsey absolutely adores her dad. She just lights up when he comes in the room. She will talk and coo at him anytime. This photo was taken a week before surgery. She smiles often, but becomes so serious when you want to take a photo. Catching a smile seems so difficult. We think her smile is wide and beautiful!

Lindsey had surgery on July 11th. She is three months old now. She came back to us with an IV in her foot, a pulse-oxygen meter on her other toe, swollen eyes, and swollen and bruised mouth. It was difficult to see her looking so helpless. She was a real trooper though. It seemed like she was gone forever, but in reality she left for surgery at 9 a.m. and returned at 11:50 a.m.

Lindsey is in some pain off and on during the day. She seems to be feeling somewhat better by dinner time. Mom just wanted to hold her and make it all better. They rocked and tried to nurse, but Lindsey was not very interested. Later that night when Lindsey seemed hungry, she screamed when her lip was touched during nursing and was no longer willing to eat.

Lindsey and family are home now. This is two days post-op and Lindsey just wants to be silly. She is tolerable of the arm restraints. She is able to get out of them and has to be constantly monitored. At her follow-up visit, her doctor said she still needed the restraints as well as tape across her incision. She has a hard time giving us a smile, but she is really working on it. Her lip is still somewhat swollen, but she looks great!

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