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Lucas was born on August 15, 1998 with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. His pictures are presented to you by his parents, Jewel and Steve.

This is Lucas' newborn picture. He was 3 days old. We were always amazed at how big his hands were!

What a beautiful smile our baby has! You can see the tape we put across his lip in this photo, although it has come off a bit. This was used to help pull the lip together before surgery.

This is Lucas 6 hours post-op. You can see he has some swelling, as well as a bit of oozing. However, he is sleeping peacefully in Mama's arms.

Lucas loved his exersaucer! This picture was taken about one month after lip repair. You can see our baby has a new beautiful smile...although we will always miss the old smile!

Lucas is 6 months old in this picture. You can really see that the lip scar is healing nicely. The red bits inside his nostril are because he did not have adequate blood supply to heal there. He will have revisionary surgery on those before he starts kindergarten.

Our brave Lucas in the waiting room before palate surgery. What a beautiful smile! Lucas is 9 months old and really adorable.

Surgery is done and he's still smiling! This photo was taken the morning after palate repair. We were amazed that we got laughs from our little trooper.

Lucas needs a little cuddle. This picture was taken about one week after palate repair. Lucas still had the arm restraints on and was still on some pain medicine. He was happy most of the time but needed lots of extra love to get him through these days.

Look! Lucas and Mama have the same mouth. Who would have thought?? Lucas is just about one year old in this picture and his scars are really fading. Everyone comments on how much Lucas looks like his mum.
This is Lucas' official 18-month old portrait. What a handsome boy!

Here is Lucas with his baby brother, Coram. Christmas 1999.

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