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Marguerite was born in the 1950's with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. Marguerite is presenting her pictures to you herself.

Marguerite at 4-1/2. Touched up photo, scar taken out! 1959

Marguerite at 6. Touched up photo, scar taken out!
I had a tendency to hold my tongue up to close the cleft. 1961

Marguerite at 9 with sister Debra at 11, and brothers Kent at 4-1/2 and Jonathan at 6-1/2.
1964 - This was the year I finally got an acrylic plate to close the cleft artificially.

I was so excited! Speech Therapy much easier.
Touched up photo, scar taken out!

Adult family photo 1995

Kaysandra & Jeremiah 13 & 15
Marguerite & Rick (forty something!)
and of course "Lady"

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