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This page is brought to you courtesy of Ann and Gary. Their daughter Meea was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. Surgery for lip closure was done in Korea at age 10 mos. She came home at age 13 mos. and had palate surgery at age 22 mos. She is doing wonderfully well.

This is a picture of Meea at 5-6 mos. before her lip closure.

Meea at age 9 months, with her foster mother. Yes, that's her first tooth poking out of her unrepaired cleft.

This photo was taken about 1 week after her lip repair surgery to show us what she looked like.

What a difference!

Here's Meea at 2 years old. She's a little girl brimming with affection and spunk who brings a smile to everyone who meets her.

Meea the "cool dude", after recovery from palate closure surgery, with her big sister Emily.

Meea turns 3 years old!

Meea is now 6 years old.

Meea has palate surgery

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