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Michael was born on November 30, 1988 with an unilateral cleft lip and palate. His pictures are presented to you by his mother, Lynne.

Michael and mommy. Age 2 months.

Three months old - lip repair. (HE won the fight!)

4 months old. Always a happy baby...always smiling and always slobbering.

6 months old. (Our family has a weird sense of humor)

1-1/2 years old. (Only 14-1/2 years more until he gets his driver's license)

Almost 2 years old. Mommy's little angel.

Three years old - Mr. America!

5-1/2 years old (still working on those muscles.)

9 years old. 4th Grade picture.

(Right) This picture's from 1999. Michael is 10 years old. He's hanging out with his good friends, Kaitlyn and Megan.

This picture is from the summer of 2000. Michael is 11 years old.

Michael, 7th grade (12 years old)

Christmas 2001: Ray, Lynne & Michael (13 years old)

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