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Nathan was born on August 25, 1998 with a complete unilateral cleft lip and incomplete bilateral cleft palate. His pictures are presented by his parents, Carol and Michael.

Here's Nathan a few hours after birth, still in the nursery under the warmers.

This is a portrait of Nathan at 6 weeks old.

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Nathan's beautiful smile!

Nathan has his lip repair at age 3 months.

Nathan and Mom in the pre-op waiting room.

Just after he had been moved to his room; still sleeping from the anesthesia.

Still in the hospital, after the bandage has been removed. Swollen, bruised and pretty groggy.

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At home, 3 days post-op, feeling better already.

1 week post-op. Swelling and bruising gone, still some scabbing.

2 weeks post-op. Scabs and arm restraints gone. Feeling like a new man.

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