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Nolan was born in December 1996 with Pierre Robin Syndrome. He has a cleft of the soft and hard palate, a split uvula, a small lower jaw, and a back placed tongue. Nolan's pictures are presented to you by his mother and father, Stephanie and Danny, and his sister Fiona Jane.

1 day old. Isn't he sweet?
They put his IV in his poor little head.

Danny and Nolan's first meeting. Danny has fallen asleep.
He was awake almost 24 hours on the trip from Australia.

Santa came to the NICU on Christmas Eve. This picture was used on the front page of the hospital newspaper.

Finally home for good. You can really see how recessed his jaw is here.

Grammie and Fiona feeding Nolan. He was readmitted for failure to thrive, and they taught us to feed him with an oral-gastric tube.

Fiona pumping to feed her baby dolls.

Nolan Alden at 5 months. He's the sweetest thing I ever saw.

The rest of the family: Danny, Stephanie, and Fiona Jane.

This is Danny and his boat in the ice up North. He was only gone two months The southern trip was 6 months, but he came home from the trip to Antarctica before they left Australia because of Nolan's birth.

This is a picnic with another family affected by cleft. Fiona and Raeleen had a great time together. However, the only time Mackenzie was awake, Nolan was sleeping. It was wonderful to meet Carolle and her children.

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