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Pablito was born on April 20, 1997 with an incomplete bilateral cleft lip and palate. His pictures are presented to you by his parents, Pablo and Cecilia.

Pablito at 2 days old (4/22/97).

Pablito with mommy and daddy. (4/24/97)

Pablito and his mommy, right after his first surgery. Here they closed the left part of the lip and his hard palate. Truly, that little face melted our hearts! Thank God, everything went okay. (9/2/97)

Just two weeks after the surgery. Look at that big smile. (9/16/97)

A new member in our family. Here is Pablito, mommy, daddy and his new little sister, Ana Cecy, who was only two weeks old. We love our children!! (4/18/98)

Pablito just after his second surgery. This time they fixed the right part
of the lip and closed the soft palate. They also put drain tubes in his
ears. (4/22/98)

Pablito at 18 months old, and his daddy. (10/10/98)

Isn't he cute? We are very proud of our boy! (10/10/98)

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