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This page is shared with you by Beth and Rob, Paul's mother and father. Paul was born with a wide unilateral cleft lip and palate.

Here's Paul and his Mommy, Beth. Paul was born on 3-7-96.
He was 3 weeks old in this picture, at 6 weeks he had his lip adhesion.
Mommy loves her little angel!

Here's baby Paul with his proud Daddy, Rob. Paul was only 1 week old here. He was born with a wide unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate. He is such a cutie!

Paul is 3 months old in this picture, about 5 weeks after his lip adhesion surgery. Paul is always smiling! He is such a little ham and a very happy baby.

Here's Paul just one week after his formal lip repair surgery.
They let us take the arm restraints off after only one week.

"How do you guys like my new look?"
This is less than 2 weeks after his surgery.
Paul is 7 months old here.

10-1/2 months old - 2 weeks before palate repair.

Our little boy is growing up so quick - Paul is
1 Year Old here....

...and done with surgery for a long time!
Can you tell he's a real angel?

Paul the Toddler

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