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Paul Vladimir

These pictures are presented by Paul Vladimir's Momma and Daddy, Sandy and Charles. Paul Vladimir was adopted from Russia at the age of 2 and a half years with an unrepaired bilateral cleft lip and palate.

Our first picture from the orphanage. Paul is 1-1/2 years old.

Paul's passport picture.

First portrait of the kids together: Aubrey (9), Sarah (6), and Paul (2-1/2). He has been with us 3 months.


Paul's baby shower- a little camera shy at 2-1/2 years and only 21 pounds!

Having some crackers...

and getting FAT!

Helping Momma with laundry...


...REALLY helping Momma with laundry.

Best friend Aza from the same orphanage...
   just like brother and sister.


Swimming and playing with Sarah on a beautiful day.

3 years old and really catching up! You can barely see the braces on his brand new front teeth to pull in the premaxilla for surgery, an 8 month process finally using an appliance inside the mouth.

Hotel Life! Gotta love it!

First day after lip repair...
he asked if he could please be like before.

Momma and Daddy cried.

4 months after surgery and doing GREAT!

One year has passed. Our handsome son, Paul Vladimir!

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