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Quinton was born on May 12, 1998 with an incomplete unilateral cleft lip. These pictures are presented to you by Quinton's parents, Daniel and Trisha.

Quinton as a newborn. Look at all that hair.

Me and my big brothers, Timothy and Geoffrey.

Quinton at 2 months. The lip will soon change, but that chin is genetic.

Quinton has his lip repair.

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L: A very somber daddy in the surgical waiting room. R: Back in mommy's arms complete with No-No's and an IV in his foot.

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L: The healing has begun. R: At home with his favorite nurses.

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The family at Quinton's Baptism: Trisha, Quinton, Geoffrey, Dan and Timothy.

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6 months old and what an angel!

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L: Quinton with his brothers, and R: alone (1 year old)

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