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Rachel N.

Rachel Nadya Valeria was adopted from Russia with an unrepaired unilateral cleft lip and palate at 2-1/2 years old. Her pictures are presented to you by her parents, Dean and Beth.

This was the first picture we saw of Rachel, and we just fell in love with her! This picture was taken at the orphanage when Rachel was 2 years old.

We went to Russia in June 1999 to adopt Rachel. She was a little over 2-1/2 years old. She was so precious! Here she is on the plane ride home from Moscow.

This is Rachel with her new siblings in July '99. Left to Right: Micah (almost 3), Danielle (4), Rachel (2-3/4) and Benjamin (18 months).

Rachel had surgery to repair her cleft lip in August 1999. This is Rachel just before surgery. The surgery was completed in 45 minutes!

Rachel's cleft lip surgery was done out-patient. We were home by noon. Here, Rachel is resting comfortably just hours after surgery.

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Rachel bounced back in just a few days. Here she is 5 days post surgery. Doesn't she look great? She had her stitches out about one week after surgery.

This is Rachel enjoying a popsicle about a month after surgery.

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In October 1999 we had the opportunity to meet a family that adopted Rachel's best friend from Russia! Here's Holli and Rachel enjoying their reunion after being separated for six months.

October 1999. This is our family! We thank God everyday for our four precious children - they truly are a gift!

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