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This page is shared with you by Reid's parents, Steve and Mary. Reid was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate.

Reid at a couple of weeks old... we were already used to his face with the cleft.

A happy boy! Pretty wide smile, huh?

You can almost see the cleft palate and gum too...

8 months old, and his first day at work! Before palate surgery...


The happiest, most handsome boy in the world... before AND after!

After palate surgery there's been no change in the way he looks of course... except that he's not sneezing out so many carrots!

Reid at 13 months of age...

cute as hell with his finger in his mouth.

Reid at 20 months of age

Reid recently graduated to being a big brother - here is his new brother David, aka "Schnook"

Reid and David together

September 2000 - Reid's first school picture. At 5 years old Reid is such a handsome little man!

Reid, two months after his bone graft surgery; hair dyed red for the summer.

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