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Riley Elizabeth

Riley Elizabeth was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. Her pictures are presented to you by her parents, Timmy and Colette, and her grandparents, Joyce and Walt.

Riley, home from the hospital at 3 days old. The thing taped to the side of her cheek was for fastening tape to pull down her premaxilla. Since switching to another plastic surgeon we no longer use tape, but will be using the Latham-like pin device.

Mom, Colette, holding Riley, 3 weeks old, while brother Keenan (almost 3) looks on

Grandma Joyce and Riley, 1 month old

Riley at 3 weeks of age

Riley Elizabeth, 6 weeks old. Her hair doesn't look it here, but it's bright red!

Riley's dad, Timmy, and brother Keenan, almost 3.
Riley is 7 weeks old here

July 15, 1997. In the recovery room following installation of a Latham Pin device. A tiny screw in the top of the device was turned a quarter turn daily.

Lip surgery was done 9/11/97. This picture of Riley Elizabeth playing with arm restraints off was taken 9/19/97.

The Logan's Bow is a little out of place here, but it was a chance to get a good look exactly one week after surgery.


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