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Ryan Marshall (aka "Bug") was born on July 23, 1996 with a complete bilateral cleft lip and palate. He is presented by his parents, James and Kelli. Enjoy!

The Family - Daddy, Mommy and Bug!

Our little angel Ryan at 1 day old.     
We wonder what heaven was like when he left?

5 weeks old and already holding my head up!

Bug at 6 weeks! We still miss his "wide smile"!

Twelve days before lip repair surgery!

Our little Bug (9 weeks old) with Daddy about an hour after leaving recovery after his lip repair. He's such a trooper!

3 weeks post-op! Can you believe the difference?
Our happy boy is back -- even with nasal shapers and arm restraints!

5 weeks post-op. The Bug's getting a bath!

Ryan's 1st Halloween! Our Punkin in the Pumpkin Patch! (3 months old)

He's eating sweet potatoes! What a mess! (4 months old)

The nasal shapers have just been removed. 7 weeks after lip surgery. (4 months old)

Ryan's first Christmas. Is he a happy boy or what!? (5 months old)

And a serious Christmas picture.

Ryan 1 week before his palate surgery and 2nd rhinoplasty. What a cutie! March, 1997. (8 months old)

Ryan and Daddy 3 weeks after palate surgery and 2nd rhinoplasty. This was a tough surgery! He wasn't able to keep his nasal shapers in as long this time -- they only lasted for 2 weeks post-op. April, 1997.

Our happy boy! He's is ** ALWAYS ** happy and smiling. We are very lucky and blessed to have a sweetheart that's so happy! 5 weeks post-op. (9 months old)

Ryan at Pop Pop's house in Pennsylvania. He's crawling! May, 1997. (10 months old)

Again! A happy boy! June, 1997. (11 months old)

Mommy was being silly and spiked Bug's hair after his bath. Does he look silly or what!? July, 1997. (11.5 months old)

Ta da!!!! He's a year old! What a year it has been! Boy! Did we party! We had quite a bash to celebrate a tough year. Our Bug has been through so much and he has remained a happy, sweet, sweet, darling little boy. Like I said before, we are truly blessed. Thank you Wide Smiles for the support, smiles and ** GREAT ** information. We couldn't have made it without each and every one of you! Happy Birthday Buggie Boo!

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