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Ryan Loran

Ryan was born on February 9, 2000. To our surprise he was born with an incomplete  unilateral cleft lip, alveolar ridge and soft palate. He is a blessing in our lives and we love him dearly. He had his lip repair surgery on May 11, 2000 and ear tubes were also put in at that time. Enjoy our sweetie!

Welcome Ryan! Born February 9, 2000

Just home from the hospital - only a few days old. Gotta love those cheeks.

ryanl01.jpg ryanl02.jpg

(Right) 2 months old. What a smile!

Ryan was able to breastfeed. His hard palate is intact and so he could latch on successfully - we were so thankful. Feeding problems were really never an issue with our little one. He also took a normal bottle of pumped breastmilk - with a regular Nuk nipple.

ryanl03.jpg2 months old - This little guy LOVES to pose!


May 11, 2000 - 3 months old. Just out of lip repair surgery. Wow, we were amazed despite how "beat-up" he looked!

The Logan's Bow (the metal bar taped to his cheeks) was put there to prevent him from rubbing his face into the blanket, etc. The tape would come off multiple times during the day - and we would reapply!

Ryan was able to eat a few hours after surgery - we fed him a bottle (a normal bottle with the Nuk nipple) and we breastfed him - just lifted up the Logan's Bow. He was mostly sleepy for the first 24 hours.

Lip Repair: Daddy takes a minute to rock Ryan, trying to manage all his tubes.

ryanl05.jpg  ryanl06.jpg

Lip Repair: Ready to go home...can't wait to get out of this place!

Ryan had a nasal stint placed in his nose to keep his airway open and to help the wound heal properly. This was stitched to the side of each nostril and removed 10 days after surgery. All of Ryan's stitches were dissolvable (so no removal), and they were there for four to five weeks before they completely dissolved.

Days after lip repair. Finally home and cleaned up - looking great!

Sister gets a chance to hold her brother and Ryan holds his chicken (special present from the hospital!).

One week post-op. Mommy giving me a break from those yucky arm restraints. The arm restraints and Logan's Bow stayed on for three weeks. He sure missed chewing on his hands!!

Three weeks post-op. Feeling back to my old self -- playing, slobbering...Gotta love life!

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