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Sarah Rose

Sarah Rose was born on February 7, 1996 with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. Her parents are Mark and Ellen and her sister is Emily.

Sarah at one month, bilateral cleft lip and palate.

Sarah at two months with Emily and Mom (unilateral cleft lip and palate).

Sarah at three months, with premaxilla taped down in preparation for lip surgery.

Sarah one week after surgery with sister Emily. Nose tubes are still sewn in.

Sarah three weeks post-op...

...scars are still quite red and visible but she's looking good!

Sarah at 6 months...

...as you can see, she's got a wide smile, a healthy appetite, and a spunky personality!

Sarah at 8 months. Palate surgery hasn't changed her big, wide smile!

Sarah at 9 months.

Sarah and loving big sister Emily, age 6

Sarah is a year old now and doing beautifully! She is a real charmer - always cheerful, friendly, and sweet-tempered. It's been a great first year!

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