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Sean was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. Sean's pictures are presented to you by his parents, Ed and Stephanie, his brother Nathan, and his sister Hannah.

Here I am, 4 days old!

Sean, still groggy 12 hours after his first lip repair (3-1/2 months old)

"I guess I wasn't ready to give up my wide smile."
(Sean's first lip repair opened up on one side when they took out stitches!)

Second lip repair at 7-1/4 months.
(This one held. Yeah!)

Sean at 9 months looking GOOD!

"Like my arm restraints?"
(After soft palate repair, 17 months old)

Sean at five. What a guy.

Sean and his family: Steph, Ed, Nathan (8), Sean (5), and Hannah (4)

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