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Spencer was born on February 26, 1998 with a wide, complete unilateral cleft lip and palate. He had his lip/nose repaired, along with myringotomy tubes on June 23, 1998. Spencer has a brother, Brett, and a sister, Taylor. Spencer's pictures are presented to you by his mother and father, Todd and Lori.

Three days old and going home from the hospital. (Wide, complete unilateral cleft lip and palate)

Five weeks old and taping the lip together with Microspore tape by 3M.
This helps to lesson the tension for the lip repair.
We were pretty faithful, and it paid off.

Seven weeks old. Yes, that's a tooth in the cleft!
He got it at four days old and it was pulled in his lip repair surgery.

14 weeks old and two weeks before surgery.

Two weeks prior to lip/nose repair surgery.

First post-op picture. This was taken in recovery just minutes after surgery. The dark things you see on his nose are nasal bolsters. They are pieces of felt stitched thru the nose to help shape it. There were also two bolsters on the inside of his right nostril. His lip had iced gauze on it for 24 hours, to help minimize swelling.

About two hours post-op, in his own room. The yellow patches on his cheeks are duo-derm. This was for the iced gauze to stick to, to save his skin from getting raw. The red lines you see going up from his lip are bruises. We assume they are clamp marks. Looks crabby, doesn't he?"

First tight little smile! (Day after surgery).

Three days post-op. Loves his bath in the sink, but it takes two people with the arm restraints off!

How's this for a goofy little smile? (11 days post-op)

13 days post-op. Looks pretty good, huh?

Spencer's latest look! 4-1/2 months old.

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Spencer at 7 months old (3.5 months post op)

Spencer has palate surgery

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