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Spencer goes through palate surgery.

Lynne comes to meet us, prior to Spencer's palate surgery. It was great to finally meet another CT'er!

Here is Spencer, minutes before going off for palate reconstruction.
Playing with Daddy sounds like much more fun...

Still in recovery...he was asleep when we got there. Morphine had him quite "out of it." This was taken almost 2 hours post-op.

Mommy and Spencer, finally in his own room. His own blanket feels so much better!

Here's a close-up from the 2nd morning. Quite swollen, but finally awake (sort of).

Looking at family pictures with Daddy. You wonder
what is going through their little minds.

At least they had a cool toy room - and it was right next door to us!

Does he look happy to be home or what? This is on Day 4.

Spencer at 1 year! Two weeks after palate surgery.

spencer25.jpg (14723 bytes)

Spencer poses with his plastic surgeon.


Spencer at 20 months.

Spencer at 2-1/2 years old.

(Right) Spencer at 3-1/2 years old.

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