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Steele Anders was born on September 8, 1998 with Pierre Robin Syndrome which includes a wide  cleft of the hard and soft palate, a very small jaw, and a back-placed tongue. He is presented to you by his parents, Joey and Nicole and his big brother Anthony.

Only a few minutes old -- he looks pretty skinny because of his length - 21.5"

Going home for the first time. This is a pretty good shot of his cleft.

Getting to know bro.

Naptime buddies!

"Hey what's this? Someone gave me half the chin and twice the cheeks!"

Wheee!! Finally a pacifier I can hold on to! (Gerber Soft Center)

His 5 month birthday. Steele, what big eyes you have!

Getting ready for surgery...

About 4 hours post-op. A little swollen and groggy, but he held up pretty well.

Going home, yippee!!!! I'll tolerate the restraints as long as you get me outta here, Mom!

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